Cajun Memories

by Craig Duncan


Available at Amazon and iTunes

The latest of the Regions Series focuses on the music of the Bayou country. This authentic representation of Cajun music comes complete with the Cajun Accordion, fiddle playing, and traditional songs of the area. French musician Jo-EL Sonnier gives the project a true Creole sound. 

Titles: Diggy Liggy Lo; Jambalaya/Bayou Pon Pon; Grande Mamou; Hackberry Hop; J'ele Au Bal/Colinda; J'ai Passe Devant La Porte; Happy One Step; Jolie Blon; Bosco Stomp High Point Two Step; Valse Du Chere Baby; Evangeline Special/Lacassine Special; La Porte De L'Arrier; I'd Like to Know/Lake Charles Waltz 

Instruments: Cajun Button Accordion, Fiddle, Guitar, String Bass, Drums