Celtic Harp Traditions

by Craig Duncan and Cynthia Wyatt


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The music of the Celtic Harp has a mystical quality that transcends other forms of music. It is ethereal, yet definitive. It has form, yet it seems to move without barriers. Melodies from the ancient Celtic tradition are presented in this recording by Celtic Harpist, Cynthia Wyatt, with not only the necessary skill required to play such an instrument, but also the grace it so richly deserves. A firm traditional foundation is provided with other Celtic and acoustic instruments.

Titles: Apples in Winter/ The Monaghan Jig; Lark in the Morning/ Goodnight; Summer Will Come; Lark in the Clear Air/ Lord Inchiquin; Over the Hills and Far Away/ Shule Aroon; The Famine Song/The Clergy's Lamentation; The Butterfly/Baltiorum; Idir Deighric; The Gentle Maiden/Give Me Your Hand; Moving Cloud; Solstice/Star of the County Down; Sally Gardens Medley

Instruments: Celtic Harp, Penny Whistles, Uilleann Pipes, Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Guitar, Flute, and Cello